Our much anticipated Hottie x Morgana babies officially entered the world yesterday evening (11-10-14). We have a total of four, one black and white boy, two black and white girls and one chocolate girl. Morgana decided to make quick work of the whelping process. The first baby, the boy, made his appearance at 8:20pm and weighed 12.4 Oz. Our second arrival a black and white girl emerged quickly after at 8:38pm weighting in at 12.7 Oz. A little less than an hour later our one and only Chocolate girl arrived at 9:23pm weighting 10.4 Oz. The fourth and final baby, another black and white girl appeared at 10:35pm and weighing 11 Oz. Mama and babies are doing great and we are very thankful for such a quick and easy delivery of healthy babies.

We will be posting weekly picture updates on their litter page as well as on our facebook fanpage.